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Uncle Ed' Damn Good Vodka 1L

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Ed’s story is our story.

Uncle Ed is an easy-going guy. He enjoys life and spends his days on his island farm while working to create a more sustainable future. Ed traded the hustle and bustle of the city for a simpler life off-the-grid - centered around simplifying, sustaining and giving back.

With that in mind, his brother Walt approached him with an idea: What if they could create a company that combined Ed’s values with his knack for making amazingly, smooth vodka? It was then and there that Uncle Ed’s Damn Good Vodka was born.

Uncle Ed’s Damn Good Vodka is a clean, simple, smooth, AND delicious Vodka with a charitable purpose that you can feel good about drinking. We’ve traded the marketing talk and sales pitch for a simplified mission. Our premium vodka is made from Non-GMO corn, is naturally gluten free, and contains zero added sugar.

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Marisa Mccoy
Good stuff

Jackfruit was tasty can’t wait to try the dragonfruit!