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Broken Shed New Zealand Vodka

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Break Free from the ordinary. Treat yourself to the world's most unique vodka. Broken Shed Vodka is crafted from a blend of two of New Zealand's purest waters with natural protein whey that is distilled three times. It's free gluten, free from GMOs, free from additives and added sugars. So, go ahead. Do it. Break Free.

Customer Reviews

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Foster Smith
Absolutely terrific vodka!

My good friend recommended this vodka to me and since I’m not big on vodka I was willing to try something new, especially since he said it’s very smooth and doesn’t taste like most vodkas.
Boy am I glad I tried it! It sips like un-aged whiskey, lots of flavor (not added, just the flavor of the spirit) and yet it goes down so smooth.

Highly recommend Broken Shed to anyone