Destillaré Intense Chocolat

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90 PROOF | 45% Alc. By Vol. | 750ml

Made with Copper Pot-Distilled American Brandy, Caribbean Cacao Nibs & Honey.

We use real chocolate cacao nibs. During extended maceration in the barrel the natural cocoa butter is released within the spirit. This can cause a natural sheen or even a slight “truffle” in the bottle.


Destillaré artisanal potations add balance, flavor intensity and natural complexity to inventive cocktails.

Nose: Intense dark chocolate. Luscious, toffee, very light coffee and vanilla aromas, hints of tropical florals.

Palate: Not sweet and syrupy, or thick and sticky – lightly viscous and earthy. Very nicely balanced with sweetness from the honey with a faint natural dark chocolate bitterness on the back-end. Deliciously complex with barrel aged brandy smoothness.

Finish: Dark chocolate all day long – tip of the tongue through the mid-palate and down the back of the throat. Luscious and rich, velvety and silky. High proof bracing – clean & fresh – not sticky and cloying. Lovely lingering rounded mouthfeel. Chocolate flavors last forever.

Handcrafted Small Batch Cacao Nib & Honey Infusion

1. Copper pot-distilled brandy in ex-Bourbon barrels.

2. Blend Copper & Kings brandy and Caribbean cacao nibs and honey in the oak barrels.

3. Extended marrying and finishing in barrel.

4. Dilute to proof using reverse osmosis distilled water steeped with cacao nibs.

5. Additional honey infusion.

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